"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

Hello, welcome to my personal website!

Home to stuff about me... and more me. I do cool things on the internet and other tech related things. I hyperfixate on many things, sometimes all at once or one at a time. Someday I'll learn new things and spend more time outside but I keep procrastonating. I also have a very awful sleep schedule, yay!

If you aren't aware, this website is now somewhat of a "remaster" of my first ever website design because I ran out of ideas on what to theme my website like. Not to steal from someone else's, I stole from myself! I've come so far, I don't need to display "I know barely anything about CSS and HTML so the source html code may be a bit messy" anymore :,D


The Quote Book.

Here's a list of some quotes that some of my friends said and I decided to put here:

"just a link to this image" - soupman 2023

"guys i gave my universe cancer pls advise" - soupman 2023

"if hetero == true: print('free american')" - itZzenXX 2022

"I don't care that you're god lemme finish speaking" - itZzenXX 2022

"Peeing into a cup is so hard, like boys hacve it easier fuck you god" - ketraline 2020


The Spotlight!

Whenever I come accross a personal website or a project website I like, I'll list them here! Please, take a look at them, they're here for a reason! Anyways, here they are: