Contacting me!

If you desire to talk to me, send a meme, or anything really; here is a list of preffered methods to do those things.

I need to point out (unless you already read my about me page) that I am a minor of the age of 16. If you are an adult talking to me don't escalate things m'kay? Good.


I prefer this, so please use this first. Use the others if this fails


Decent enough alternative if XMPP fails, here is where you can reach me:


Because I don't trust people sometimes I won't give out my phone number that easily. If you do wish to contact me on signal you have to ask me on the other contact methods here (I also have to know you somewhat).


If you choose to email me, I assume you are wanting to talk to me on a professional level. Please email me as I assume that from incoming messages. (Don't email me about buisness proposals / sponsorships regarding or, I will not respond).


If you want to reach me on telegram, please use secret chats as they implement full E2EE and other features. (If you don't start one I will do it anyways). Here is my telegram username:


While I do not like discord at all, and choose to avoid it as much as possible, I understand why many people need it (or are forced to use it). Here are the accouts you can reach me at:

I should point out that discord does not implement E2EE at all, so don't leak personal details on here or smthn