"You do you, I don't mind." - Me 2021

Messaging me!

If you desire to start up a conversation with me, send me a meme, or anything else, you can reach me at the contact methods listed here. And please don't be creepy, weird, y'know.

The Methods List...


I have a matrix account for anyone wanting to reach me on le [matrix]. I prefer using this over anything else, so I'm most likley to respond on here than any other platform I use. My ID is @itzzenxx:plus.st


If you decide to reach me on email, this is because you are wanting to talk to me on a professional level. When you email me, please use professionalism as I will do the same. I will also not respond to any emails asking for some sort of sponsorship about itzzen.net or plus.st as it will never happen, dream on. My email is itzzenxx@pm.me


If you cannot see the image above, you may have john.citrons.xyz blocked