allissa's comfy burrow

“All around the world, you've gotta spread the word!”

that’s so meta

this page serves as a dump for whatever felt too descriptive, long, or didn’t have much priority on the root homepage, that’s it really

88x31 buttons

as the good web-mistress I am, I supplement my website with the finest 88x31 buttons. they’re sometimes just images, sometimes link to a website, or advocate for something. whatever I find cool, I stick it on here!

my own web button

this is my very own web button, take a second to admire it, or don’t. feel free to link it on your webpage but please don’t hotlink it

allissa's comfy burrow now!

my friends

I have friends!! and they have websites!! seriously though you should check them out, they’re just as cool as this website!

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my collection :tm:

these are the miscellaneous web buttons that I’ve collected over time, they may or may not link to something.

american flag anime is gay as hell but I approve arch linux any browser you like anything but windows same shit, different asshole defective by design, eliminate drm now powered by debian eightyeightthirty dot one fucking webmaster powered by freebsd gay women made on gnu linux googol grapheneos hd dvd internet archive lesbian flag matrix mozilla this site is certified 100% cookie free! no fucking thanks no nazi, no fascism, no racism oasis palestinian flag the onion trans flag W3C bad html markup visual studio code battle of wits!