"Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back."

My Online Social Life!

Akkoma: I'm part of the fediverse! In this case, I host my own Akkoma instance that I use almost every day! If you wish to, you can follow me here at @itzzenxx@plma.plus.st

PlayStation Network: You can friend me using my gamer tag which is itZzenXX_ (Don't send a close friend request, I will reject it.)

LastFM: You can judge how good my music taste is here, my profile is at itZzenXX

Steam: I play on PC via Steam too, not just console! You can friend me here itZzenXX

Github: I code (sometimes). Usually if I want to contribute to a project I'll use Github since it's usually on there. You can find me at github.com/itzzenxx

Gitea: I host my own Gitea instance! This is where I usualy reside on when it comes to git stuff. You can find me at git.plus.st/itzzenxx